Add fun to your wedding: put a photobooth

If there is one thing we can not deny is that photobooth and photocall are indispensable elements in today’s weddings.

But do you all know the difference between photobooth and photocall?

The photocall has its origin in the corporate events, in which a fund was used as decoration for the photographs where the marks of the sponsors of the event appeared.

Today at weddings we can call photocall to those static backgrounds that are used by the guests to take photos. They usually consist of the names of the bride and groom, a specific color, a photo, a drawing …

The portable photo printer from singapore is different because it has a fun touch, usually used props like glasses, hats, mustaches … and the background usually allows an interaction (hollow frames to put the head, polaroid frames …).

Once we know the difference between one and another we are going to point out some characteristics that you should keep in mind when choosing your wedding:

Be clear the objective you want to achieve: if you are looking for nice, serious, elegant photos … you should opt for the photocall, instead if you are looking for your guests to have a fun time and you want a memory of funny photos you will opt for the photobooth.
You can combine both options: you will have both effects in your pictures, for example, a photocall with your caricature in the snack area and a photobooth in the dance area to use at the end of the party.
Provide a personal touch to the wedding: it is a way to personalize your wedding, look for a stage that identifies with you and you will get some unique photos.
It should go according to the style of the wedding: it is part of the wedding decoration should therefore go in harmony with the other elements.
Polaroid, tripod, photographer …? You must think very well which type of camera you are going to use, considering the ease of use, the number of people that enter the set, who is going to take the photo …
Give your guests a leading role: The day of the wedding almost everything revolves around the bride and groom so this idea is a way to give prominence to your guests, getting them involved and live the wedding differently.
You will have unforgettable memories: the result of all this will be that you will have some unique, fun, natural photos … of all your guests.
Here I leave a few examples but if you want more inspiration you can walk the board that I created in Pinterest for you.

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